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Rules [Tuesday
May 24th , at 8:16pm]
Respect The Mod.

Follow the Rules.

Have Fun.

If you want to do a plot line, post your idea to starwars_wanted and see who else wants to write it with you. If it's about something really major then contact the Mod- starwars_mod to see it it flies with them first before you post your idea to starwars_wanted.

Tag at least *once* a day at starwars_tales if your character is in a thread with more then one other person. If it's only one other person then you can move much faster in the tagging.

Be availible to RP over IM. You can have a real life... but a time commitment of more then a few hours a week to play is realistically wanted.

Update the journal for your character at least once every six weeks. This journal update should be at least a few paragraphs and literate- no l33t speak.

Only use a untaken PB (played-by) for your character. I will make exceptions to this on a case by case basis- the galaxy is a big place.

You may not RP until you have successfully applied for a character.

Let characters from this community tag on your journal entries... but do not record their IP addresses.

Keep your journal entries friends-locked unless you want anyone at all to be able to read your entries and comment on them.

Your character's journal may only be used with Star Wars Tales.
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character creation rules [Tuesday
May 24th , at 8:15pm]

Character Creation Rules

To play in Star Wars Tales RPG one must create a original character. One may make up their species and home system but must describe the species in detail and provide some information about their home system. Please also do not make them a exact copy with only the name changed of a character from the Star Wars films, novels, official RPG books, games, etc.

One person may have a total of three different characters in this community.

Please be familiar with what type of character you are creating. Someone who does not know what a hydrospanner is shouldn't make a tramp freighter character, likewise if you don't know what the Force is shouldn't write a Master Jedi character.

One's character should be balanced. This is a community for people to play their characters, and one character that has outrageous levels of power, authority, ability, or knowledge, species with objectionable special abilities or powers, or multiples of resources whether tangible or intangible ( like jedi master / owns a Mon Calamari destroyer ) will be rejected.

One's characters should be Star Wars-y. Crossovers from other universes (such as Babylon 5) are not allowed.

The PB's of characters that have been inactive for at least six weeks will be open again for application.

Yslamari are not allowed in the game.

Force using characters may use either the Force or the Dark Side of the force. They may not switch, unless they either fall (Fallen Jedi) or are redeemed.

Your character may not be related to any of the characters from Star Wars media, neither may they be a close friend, descendent, or lover. If Qui-Gon had as many lovers as people have claimed to be then he would have had no time to be a Jedi Master at all.
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character creation / character creation database [Tuesday
May 24th , at 8:14pm]

Character Creation

Fill this application out according to the directions and then tag this post. You have to successfully apply in order to join this community.

Image: A link to a 100x100 icon of your character.
Names: The names of your character. Star Wars-y names are good, a name like 'Bob' isn't.
Journal: What journal you will be using with the character.
Played By: What person this character would be played by. (For example, Obi-Wan Kenobi is played by Ewan Mcgregor)
Archetype: Put a short two or three word description of the stereotype of your character.
Age: The age of your character.
Gender: Female. Or Male.
Height: The height of your character in inches.
Weight: The weight of your character in pounds.
Character (Personality): How your character thinks and what is important to them. Make certain they have some complexity to provide room for future drama.
Background: The history and important choices of your character. Since your character will be with other characters, it can be helpful if they are connected or related to another character.
Physical Description: What your character appears like.
Purpose: What your character is seeking.
Flaws, Specials, Powers, Skills: Anything distinctive or important goes here. Also as does Force Abilities. It's important they have some sort of flaw and something special about them to allow the other person to play their character off of your own.
Quote: Give us a quote that could come from your character.

Character Database



Obi-Wan KenobiRead more...Collapse )
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Disclaimer [Tuesday
May 24th , at 8:12pm]
I want to just let everyone know that the characters we are writing here aren't real and that LucasFilm owns the media properties our RP is based on.

If you are a copyright owner of one of the media images properties used in the design and layout of these commnities and desire the removal or attribution of a image please contact us directly by commenting on this post.
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